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Emotional racing experiences as a fan favourite in your CI

Get an unfortgettable racing experience to your event with RaceRoom


Get your visitors straight from reality onto the racetrack and present your brand in the best possible way.


RaceRoom is an innovative puzzle piece for events, that will unleash the inner race driver in your visitors and give them a competitive and fun experience.


Ideal for:

  • Exhibitions and company presentations of all kind
  • Kick-off events and promotions
  • Teambuilding-Events and Incentives
  • Summer fetes, open days
  • private celebrations and group events
  • class or club meetings


The experience:

  • Feel what it’s like to be a race driver, behind the wheel
  • exciting and unusual group experience
  • Action and excitement also for the spectators
  • more than 222 officially licensed race cars, over 55 real racing tracks
  • official series like the DTM, FIA WTCC, ADAC GT Masters (GT3 class)
  • accurate physics and sounds like in real motorsports
  • Your brand in the spotlight of the event


What makes it special:

  • Simulators, both for indoors and outdoors, that can be expanded with a modular system
  • Use 2 to 24 simulators for multiplayer races in a local network
  • including live broadcast function for spectators
  • globally unique event software with a large amount of possibilities for customization
  • automatic, easy-to-handle event procedure with integrated customer data acquisition
  • also suitable for large visitor numbers
  • Customizable difficulty level
  • Software & Hardware Branding with your company logo
  • effective marketing possibilities in order to acquire customers and strengthen your brand

“Simply a genius concept for young and old, that offers unequaled oppurtunities on the market of consumer electronics. The motorsports atmostphere comes across brilliantly, and really everyone can participate. RaceRoom can captivate you for hours with its different modes, cars and tracks. And the price is fair as well. We will continue to use RaceRoom in the future.“


Autohaus Fugel

Create a base for customer interaction with RaceRoom and connect the image of your brand with the passion and emotion of motorsports – long-term.

Learn more:

Event equipment

The equipment for your show – modular, flexible and representative


Racing seat, force feedback steering wheel with paddle shifts and surround sound create a realistic racing experience.


Up to 24 simulators can be used together in one network. This means that 24 drivers can race against each other on the track at the same time – Racing atmosphere at its best and an unforgettable joy for everyone!


Flightcase Simulators


The easiest and most flexible concept of a racing event can be done with our Flightcase Simulators. The can used in roofed locations. The custom number of simulators are connected to the race control in a local area network. It’s possible to create a RaceRoom also with very limited space!      


  • usable indoors(at least with a roof)
  • works with limited space
  • ready to use with few hand movements, without installation
  • automatized event procedure due to a central Race-Kiosk
  • it’s also possible that the visitors completely handle the simulators themselves with no assistance
  • automatic live leaderboard display with best laptimes of all drivers
  • unique possibilities of customization
  • several branding options for software and hardware


Technical specs:

Size: 1325x625x800 mm (LxWxH)

Space required: at least 2 sq. m/ Simulator

Overall weight: ca. 70 kg

Power: 240 V, 8 A 

Podest simulator systems with roll cage

In the entertainment section, we recommend our most impressive setup of a racing event with our podium simulators with 42” widescreen or triple screens and roll-over bars.


The flexible amount of simulators are connected to the central race control in a LAN network and enable the use of a fully functional RaceRoom, even with small space conditions.


  • Professional and impressive racing simulators
  • Simple “Plug & Play” installation
  • can be flexibly adapted to local conditions, even in small spaces
  • Automated event execution thanks to intuitive operation via central kiosk
  • After payment, self-service by the visitor is theoretically possible
  • automated live leaderboard display with the best round-trip of all participants
  • Unique customization options for the event software
  • numerous branding options for hardware and software
  • Automatic live broadcast function for viewers


Technical data:

Dimensions: 2200x950x1770 mm (LxWxH)

Required space: up to 4 sqm/ Simulator depending on the size of monitor

Total weight: approx. 150 kg

Power demand: 240 V, 8 A

3Motion Simulator


You can feel the force of the 3Motion in each acceleration zone, in each corner and on the brakes. Every bump on the track, every kerb feels like reality. The high end steering wheel and pedals are precise and provide extremely detailed feedback of the car and road. The only other way to experience this sort of realism is in a real race car.

The 3Motion is the king amongst the simulators. Only components of highest quality were used, and the TrackTime technology, developed in Germany, guarantees authentic feeling. This simulator has a lasting impression on all of your event visitors.


  • Fully equipped high end 3Motion simulator, ready to use in a few steps
  • Authentic feeling of G-forces and for bumps and kerbs on the virtual racetrack
  • With the direct drive wheel, you can feel the force of the car, like in a real one
  • High end GT wheel with carbon shift paddles
  • State of the art Virtual Reality support for realism on the highest level
  • Load Cell brakes allow you to control the brake force via pressure (up to 150 kg braking force on request)
  • Event management software with many features and options
  • Numerous branding options for hardware and software


Technical specs:

  • Requirement: flat solid ground
  • Dimensions: 1.650/850/1.750mm (L/B/H)
  • Weight: approx. 170kg
  • Required power supply: 240V, 8A
  • Required space: approx. 2.5m /Simulator

Simulator Stage Trailers


The fastest and easiest mobile solution for indoors and outdoors is our Stage Trailer. The setup is as easy as never before. Within a short amount of time, you can convert the trailer into a show stage including a fully functional RaceRoom.


  • equipped with eight simulators in the network
  • usable indoors and outdoors
  • ready to use in just a few steps
  • automatized event procedure due to a central Race-Kiosk
  • automatic live leaderboard display with the best laptimes of all drivers
  • unique possibilities of customization
  • several branding options for software and hardware
  • also available with a fitting tent (optional)


Technical specs:

  • Size: Height: 2750 mm / Width: 2400 mm / Length: 6400 mm
  • Space required: at least 7 x 6 m                   
  • Overall weight: ca. 2900 kg
  • Power: 400 V, 16 A

eRacing Event Software

The core of a special experience:

The eRacing Event Software


  • Experience the fascination of motorsports – virtual, but authentic
  • more than 222 licensed race cars, more than 55 world-famous tracks
  • official championships, such as DTM, WTCC, ADAC GT Masters (GT3) or Audi TT Cup
  • realistically simulated driving physics and sounds like in real race cars
  • your brand in the center of an emotional competition

The RR EVO Eventsoftware allows your to run your race event fully automatic. The controls are very easy: With a touchscreen booking system including automatic customer registration, your customers can start the predefined race formats such as time attack or multiplayer races without any assistance.


The best laptimes of the drivers will be automatically displayed, with the names they entered. The registered user data, such as e-Mail addresses, can be used for further promotional activities, such as giveaways.


Several options for customization of the software menu as well as in-game advertising, such as banners on the race track, allow you to run the whol event in your corporate identity. Your brand is in the center of an exciting race event.


As a special highlight for the spectators, the races can be broadcasted onto any type of screen or TV.

Controls and configuration:


  • Creation of events (selection of car, track, game mode and session length)
  • Self-explanatory login interface for customers
  • Automatically generated competitions
  • Time attack or multiplayer races
  • Live leaderboard display with real-time updates
  • Organization of championships (even at different locations)



  • Live transmission of the racing action with auto director and position display
  • HDMI signal output
  • Video output to external screens, video walls or online streams

Advertising and communications:


  • Your logo as a track advertising banner and in the menu of the software
  • Implementation of your videos, graphics and advertising clips
  • Individual advertising messages can be shown pre- and past the event


The simulator systems and the stage trailer can be customized for your brand presentation.


The back of the seat of simulator and the skirting board are the ideal spots for your brand logo.


The stage trailer and the seats can also be laminated.


  • Wrapping of the simulators and the control terminal
  • Partial or complete trailer foliation

Our customers say

We would like to thank the RaceRoom team for an extremely successful event. We used RaceRoom with 4 simulators at a training course for our customers in the construction industry. For our partners, this was a welcome change to the usual evening events. The RaceRoom simulation and the support including race instructors was great and we especially liked the branding in the menu with our logo on the track. We will certainly do more of these events in the future!

Enleitner Baustoffe GmbH & Co.KG

RaceRoom was in our dealership for the presentation of the BMW M5, and the launch of the BMW X2 and we were more than happy with the organization and the evening program. The feedback of our customers was good and we will book RaceRoom again for sure.

BMW Ratzel dealership

We found you after a suggestion and your RaceRoom concept has exceeded our expectations and we can only recommend it. We were very happy with the whole realization, with the quick reactions, reliability and friendlyness of your team. Our employees and their children had a lot of fun. Our company logo in the game and also the driving experience was simply perfect.

Loewe Zeitarbeit GmbH

RaceRoom is one of my favourite event modules and extremely popular with the customers. It allows customers to experience not only the Hockenheimring, but also the fascination of motorsports in general.

Hockenheimring GmbH

We offered the RaceRoom as an event for our customers and visitors during the Siechenfeld festival. We were happy with all aspects of the support and the feedback was stunning – all 8 simulators were frequented the whole time. We can only recommend the RaceRoom, since it offers something special and is certainly an attractive option, not only for a car dealership.

Burger Schloz Automobile GmbH & Co. KG

We used simulators at an event in the children’s hospital at Waiblingen. The response was good and the simulators were used a lot. We still remember the enthusiasm and engagement of the person in charge of the simulators. We are looking forward to the next big event where RaceRoom can support us.

Verein Sternentraum 2000 e.V.

Racing simulators of RaceRoom are always something special, no matter if on an exhibition or as entertainment during events. RaceRoom is a wonderful crowd puller and it is also extremely easy to handle for our employees. Gameplay, graphics, sound, feeling – everything is great!

MV Media GmbH/ Motorvision

We went to the RaceRoom Fichtenberg with our staff for our christmas party and we were very pleased. The RaceRoom experience impressed young and old, truly a special attraction that we can recommend for every group.

Auto Reißner

Many thanks for a great event with our car, that has met all of our expectations. RaceRoom was recommended to us, and we can pass on that recommendation for sure.

Falken Tyres Europe GmbH

We learned about RaceRoom by a flyer and the RaceRoom concept certainly met our expectations. RaceRoom brought both professionalism and fun. Always recommended.

B&A Autohaus

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