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RaceRoom – More than a Game

On the first glance, RaceRoom is for motorsport enthusiasts an online racing simulation, that is known worldwide for its realism, detailed driving physics and the original sound.


RaceRoom Racing Experience was originally made for the vision, to make the fascination and emotion of the motor sport accessible for everyone and to give enthusiasts worldwide the possibility to virtually experience what real racers feel and to constantly grow at this challenge of the direct competition.


It is our mission to smudge the borders between real and virtual motorsport and it lies beyond the pure driving pleasure in the support of fair competition spirit and seeking for perfection on the race track through concentration, coordination and endurance.


In order to meet this demand, the best racing game developers work together with developers and race car drivers from the real racing scene at the best possible virtual race sport experience.

Fascination creates a community

Continuous improvements over the last years let the popularity of the racing simulations RaceRoom Racing Experience constantly increase. So RaceRoom has further developed to a simulation for every demand, which offers the world wide most complete implementation of real motor sport in the virtual world. In our software we identically implement contents of our racing series partners close to reality and simulate the driving behavior and the sound of the racing cars with the highest demands, to give the virtual racer the same emotions as a real racer has.


Today, RaceRoom is much more than just a game, which has built up a daily growing motorsport affine community of virtual racers worldwide. They either take part as single person at official organized competitions or championships over several rounds, or they get together and organize in coordinated racing clubs an leagues, where they organize own championships, comment races, broadcast live online and of course watch RaceRoom live broadcasts. The average age of all RaceRoom fans is almost 30 years.


In addition, more and more companies are entering the RaceRoom universe in order to reach new target groups with eRacing, to entertain their own core target group and to invite customers to interact with them and to inspire them for the brand in the long term. RaceRoom combines individually for your demand tailored entertainment and marketing solutions from a single source.

„At the beginning I was really sceptic. I come from the real motor sport, but I was never a gamer. When I competed for the first time in a simulator on the virtual race track, I have experienced the same emotions as behind the real steering wheel. Then I realized the unique possibility, to give fans access to the fascination and emotions around the motor sport and to compete in battles on the highest level. Today, with our modular solutions we deliver first-class virtual motor sport to our business customers for them to build up and extend lasting customer relationships.“  


Klaus Wohlfarth, Owner of KW automotive, KW Studios and RaceRoom

Your One-Stop-Shop around virtual motorsports

RaceRoom stands for everything from the racing simulation for your home up to innovative marketing instrument for companies. It offers business customers everything from one source, from packing racing event as an audience highlight on every kind of event, up to the extensive experience marketing campaign, of course with comprehensive embedding of your company CI, in order to put your brand in the center of the packing racing experience.


RaceRoom Entertainment develops  software and hardware solutions, together with Sector3 Studios and KW automotive, according to the latest technology for professional home entertainment for end users, exciting Event solutions for every kind of event, up to the commercial entertainment for the entertainment industry and interactive experiential marketing for almost every company, that wants to reach and fascinate its target group.

The top of the Entertainment pyramid are our tailored eSports concepts, that offer virtual motorsport on the highest level and bring partner companies a maximum of outreach and exposure with eSports sponsoring and professional live broadcasts.


We are building the bridge between real and virtual motor sport and offer for your customers online and on site authentic racing as adrenaline packed, brand-bounded virtual motorsport experiences, which will stay in mind combined with your brand.


No matter how far the integration of virtual motor sports in your business model might reach, it is always one solution from one source. All our modules are developed to interlock smoothly and together they build an effective portfolio of marketing instruments, that sustainably pay in your brand.

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